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First it rained and then it snew,

and then it friz and then it thew,

and then it fogged and then it blew.

And very shortly after then,

it rained and snew and friz and thew,

and fogged and blew again.

(author unknown, a guest at Glacier House, Glacier National Park, BC)

Mountain Pose 

by Steven Ross Smith

Torso sways in breeze
above each twenty-six-boned foot
anchored, the standing sway
persuades each cell awake
enervates heel & arch
& flesh along the fifth metatarsal
toes splay, settle, firm
balance reaches deep in firmament
prana draws from the low place, upward
through steadfast stand
breath’s ember
lifting the crown…

Though small, the human body
in up-ness, gains knowledge
of a mountain being itself
yogi, with a mountain’s strength
but soft, so not to block
the uplift’s generosity
each threaded muscle lithospheric
afire, vivacious
spirit alight… timeless… divine